8/16 Midmar mile challenge

Following the success in 2021 of the two-day Charity Challenge event for our 8 and 16 mile swimmers, we have decided to again hold the event on the Thursday and Friday prior to the main events on Saturday and Sunday. You will once again swim from one side of the dam to the other and then back again.

We are still finalising the online entry on the aQuellé Midmar Mile website for the Charity 8 and 16 Challenge swimmers and will send this out as soon as possible. The cost for the 8 or 16 miles will be R400 which is the same as 2021.

If any of the Charity 8/16 mile swimmers are wanting to swim their individual events on 12-13th February, please go to www.midmarmile.co.za and complete and pay for an individual entry. The early bird entries are open and the closing dates and respective entry fees are published on the site. You are also able to order your unique original Glodina 2022 aQuellé Midmar Mile towel when you submit your entry.

Good luck with all your fundraising efforts which are greatly appreciated by the all the charities involved.